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Teravista Bylaws

Per PTA guidelines, we are required to post our Bylaws and Standing Rules for thirty days prior to a general meeting when we are asking our membership to approve changes. We are updating our local part of the dues from $5 to $5.50, so that PTA dues will be $10 moving forward, instead of $9.50. We are also modifying our standing rules to reflect the new distribution of committee chairs under our two vice presidents.

Teravista Elementary PTA Standing Rules
1. In order to receive any funds for a committee, an approved plan of work must be in place.
2. In order to receive any amount of funds, whether it is for a reimbursement for an Executive Board Chair or committee member or funds for a committee to conduct work, the proper Financial Procedures must be followed as laid out the Treasurer.
3. If a check is returned, the writer shall be responsible for the original amount of the check plus the returned check fee.
4. Executive Board members shall not expect or receive any privileges or rights that are not due any other parent or taxpayer in the school district.
5. The PTA cannot give out gift cards to anyone for any reason.
6. Reimbursements will not be made without an original receipt.
7. The Executive Board will give the 5th grade $10 per student for the end of the year party, if the 5th grade works the school carnival.
8. The 1st Vice President will be responsible for Membership and Services and will support the following chairs:
• Membership/Directory
• Library Liason
• PRO Center/Clothes Closet
• Staff Appreciation
• Volunteer Coordinator
• Publications/Communications
• Site Based Rep
The 2nd Vice President will be responsible for Fundraising and will support the following chairs:
• Label Collection/School Supplies
• School Store (The Jungle)
• Spirit Wear
• Fundraising
• Environment/Healthy Fit
• Special Events/Concessions
• Historian/Yearbook


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