The Jungle

The Jungle – Our School Store

The Jungle Store is open every Friday in the cafeteria during lunch.  Once children have finished their lunch they will be allowed to shop at The Jungle on the stage.  Some of the items we sell are pencils, erasers, stickers, journals, key chains and much more!  Prices range from $.05 to $2.

This is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about math, coin denominations and making responsible choices.

The Jungle is always in need of volunteers to work anywhere from a half an hour to the entire time it is open. It is a great opportunity to come have lunch with your child and then share some time working The Jungle!

The Jungle does accept checks payable to Teravista Elementary PTA. Please include your drivers license number on your check. Personal checks returned for insufficient funds are subject to a $20 return check fee.

If you DO NOT want your child to shop at The Jungle please email the School Store Chairperson, Monica Alvidrez, at

Please contact Amanda Jones if you have any Jungle questions or would like to volunteer!

The kids have a great time shopping at The Jungle! They look forward to it each week. Come join the fun! We thank you for your support!

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