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Yearbook – Last Chance!

Get your yearbook TODAY! Yearbooks are on sale now for $26 at jostens.com




Book Fair – Volunteers Needed

We have our Spring book fair coming to the Teravista Elementary Library at the end of April.  We are looking for volunteers to help with decorations, preview hours, and sales.  This is a fan favorite event but we need your help!  If you are able to volunteer, please see the sign up below.





Free Money!

Did you know that there are several easy and free ways to support Teravista Elementary PTA?  One is by signing up for AmazonSmile.  Simply go to https://smile.amazon.com/ch/ 26-2548655. The next time you want to shop, enter smile.amazon.com and those settings will be saved.  You will find the exact same shopping experience as Amazon.com, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to Teravista Elementary PTA when you shop for eligible products.

Another way is to use the Shoparoo App.  Download the free app and select Teravista Elementary. Then, simply take pictures of your receipts from any store that sells grocery items to earn Roo Points (cash donations) for our school.  We earned over $300.00 last year!  Download the app here http://app.shoparoo.com and add your receipts today.





You may often hear our PTA say that we would like to have enough members in our PTA to have a “voice for every child”. You may wonder, what does that mean? It means that as a PTA we are providing representation for our children, where it means the most. Most recently, representatives from the Texas PTA (which you are a member of, if you join your local PTA!) are meeting with officials at Texas Schools Safety Center and are meeting with local, state, and national representatives to be sure that our children’s voices are heard when it comes to school safety and policies surrounding safety and procedures within our schools.

The Texas PTA has issued this statement, “Texas PTA is committed to a dialogue with our members and will be engaging in direct conversations as we develop our final policies. This will be conducted in three ways: with face-to-face meetings in the community, far-reaching distribution of information online, and comprehensive gathering of feedback. I hope we can all contribute to these deliberations knowing that we must come together for the sake of our children.”

Your $8 adult membership may not seem like a lot but it has a large impact! If you’re not a member yet, join today at ptavenue.com Organization Code: TeravistaPTA




New PTA Membership Perk!

Are you thinking about getting your child braces? If so, Sing Orthodontics is giving $500 credit on your orthodontic treatment plan for PTA MEMBERS. As an added bonus, they will give a $25 donation to our PTA for every member that signs on for treatment. Call today to schedule your consultation!




Clothes Closet  – Volunteer opportunity

Please click the link below to volunteer.  This is a wonderful way to serve less fortunate families in Round Rock.  The Clothes Closet helps Round Rock district families in need and is located at Voight Elementary School.  While there, you will help sort donations and occasionally work behind the counter aiding families at check out.  Teravista Elementary is scheduled to work the Clothes Closet on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 9:30am-11:30am.


If you have any questions, please contact Dawn Dillard at dillard_dawn@yahoo.com.



Round Rock ISD Volunteer Application

Thank you for taking the time to volunteer! It is required for ALL who volunteer to fill out the Round Rock ISD Volunteer Application to improve student safety. Please visit

the link below and scroll down to the bottom to register within the system. We appreciate your time and commitment to Teravista Elementary!

  • Application must be renewed each school year

  • Application should be completed as early as possible

  • Application takes approximately five minutes to complete

  • You must hit SUBMIT(not just ‘save’) for the application to be processed

  • Application takes 72 hours to process

  • Once completed present your photo ID at the campus to be scanned into Raptor

  • Check the status of your application by contacting the front office at your child’s campus

  • You will not be notified unless there is a problem with your application

The Volunteer Application is in addition to the campus Raptor System check-in, which compares all names against sexual offender databases. All campus guests are required

to sign in and print either a Visitor or Volunteer badge. Only those who have successfully submitted the Volunteer Application and been approved will be able to print a Volunteer badge.


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